work from Jaime Gonzalez and the LOP Team

  • About Jaime Gonzalez

    Jaime has worked as an editor for CBS Television at Entertainment Tonight. His Short Film Shattered was accepted into the United Nations Library on Human Rights.

    In 2016 he and his sister, actor Sofia Gonzalez, co created and produced Breakup Breakdown. A series that went on to be picked up by Broadway Video and actor/ producer Fred Armisen.

    In 2017, he wrote and directed a proof of concept for his feature, Tribal, which led to an option for development by Ramo Law PC and Buffalo 8.

    2018 marked the release of Jaime's first three nationally televised commercials for the online fashion company Generation Tux.

    In partnership with the Latino Policy Coalition, he has recently produced capital campaign videos for the Dolores Huerta Foundation and Mission Neighborhood Centers of San Francisco.

    Jaime is a member of the Motion Picture Editor’s Guild, has a BA in Film and Digital Media from UC Santa Cruz, and is a FOX Searchlight Writer’s Bootcamp Alumni.